Green Mountain Rock Climbing Club Reaching New Heights

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Green Mountain Outlook Rutland, VT. Feb. 1, 2012

Green Mountain Rock Climbing Club Reaching New Heights

RUTLAND, Vt. - Located at 223 Woodstock Ave in Rutland,(with another center on Woodstock Road in Hartland) the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center (GMRCC) is one of Vermont's best indoor climbing experiences, offering many rope stations, lead climbing, bouldering, private instruction and rental equipment including shoes and harnesses.

Photo courtesy of Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center
The indoor facility climbing walls stand 25-feet tall and includes 30 top rope stations spreading out over 8,000 square-feet of space. All surfaces are painted with amazing depicting a variety of natural scenery, the GMRCC staff offers professional, skilled instruction which ranges from first-time, beginning climbers to specialized climbing clinics.

GMRCC also offers several programs and activities including an adult climbing league, as well as an "extreme team" and a "tween team". The adult league consists of climbers of all levels, and handicapped scoring gives "equal footing" to both beginner and expert climbers. The league gives climbers an opportunity to not only compete, but also socialize with other climbers in a fitness-orientated atmosphere.

The GMRCC extreme team is for climbers ages 8-and-up, and train with other like-minded climbers to compete in USA Climbing sanctioned competitions and other local climbing camps. The team works with the GMRCC staff instructors to increase personal climbing ability through endurance and a variety of climbing techniques.

GMRCC also offers a variety of climbing clinics including an introduction level to learn the basic objectives and rules, then four other levels as a climber learns and improves. Students learn all phases of climbing including muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as techniques, balance, climbing safety and respect and responsibility both indoors and outdoors.

The owners have started a school rock climbing league where the schools come and practice and then compete against one another once a month. The GMRCC facility is located at 223 Woodstock Ave in Rutland, and the telephone number is 802-773-3343. The GMRCC Center Quechee facility is located at 68 East Woodstock Road in Hartland, and the telephone number is 802-457-7090. Also visit online at