About JEM Writing

I have always been a writer. From keeping journals in grade school, to creative writing in high school, to journalism classes in college, I thought it inevitable that I take the next step in truly becoming a full-time writer.

After receiving an Associates Degree in Visual Arts (1987), spending a half-dozen years in newspaper and radio advertising and five more working in the mental health field, I launched JEM Freelance Writing in 1999 when my "night owl" position allowed the opportunity to put more time into my writing and developing a clientèle.

Many of my freelance projects involve writing about the music industry, the Arts, sports and various unique small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout New England and beyond, including a special interest in the specialty food sector. I like to write about and promote interesting businesses and specialty companies that might not get the attention and recognition their product or service deserves.

Many smaller companies and entrepreneurs simply cannot afford the costs of hiring a public relations or marketing firm to promote their product or service, which is one of the most important elements in developing and maintaining a successful business. Creating customer and public awareness is key in anyone's development.

Why Use JEM Writing?

It is very important for any company or entrepreneur to create positive relationships with not only potential and existing customers, but also the various media outlets, as well as the local community or general interest group. This positive communication can certainly be accomplished through the services of JEM Freelance Writing Services.

Local and national daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, local and national magazines, specialty publications or the World Wide Web, I can help create the appropriate written piece for these various media avenues.

My main objective involves assisting a client in the collaboration of our ideas to create a "customized writing and promotions plan" that best meets their needs and to help develop an effective "plan of action" that will create interest and awareness within the client's desired area or group of interest.