Music Journalism and Services

Always having a passion for music and the Arts, I truly enjoy writing and "spreading the word" about the broad horizons of both genres. I remember loving music and art from a very early age.

I enjoy writing music and Arts-related features, profiles and reviews about (famous or otherwise) bands, artists (musical and visual) independent record labels, unique recording studios and just about any interesting angle related to music, as well as more journalistic pieces revolving around the current news and trends of the music industry.

There is so much great music and art out there; established artists that are not necessarily "mainstream", but also a countless number of talented "unsigned" artists and bands as well. Those are the artists that I really want to assist in terms of promotion and creating awareness.

I will research and write a specialized article such as a feature or business profile, that a client can utilize to their discretion. Perhaps to post as web site content or to enhance a media kit, or submitting to local print media outlets or specialty magazines for publication consideration.

I also offer an "article placement" service in which after creating an article for a client, I investigate proper avenues and create interest in order to submit the writing piece for possible publication, in which case I would receive a flat-rate fee for each article accepted and published and the "leg work" involved in developing each published article or feature. These various media avenues we can create include local and national daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, local and national magazines and internet web sites.