Creating A Healthier You With Springfield Almond Bakery

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Valley Business Journal March, 2011

Creating A Healthier You With Springfield Almond Bakery
Creating A Healthier You With Springfield Almond Bakery
Creating A Healthier You With Springfield Almond Bakery

SPRINGFIELD, VT. - A unique bakery was recently established in Springfield by Timothy Anders and his wife Esther Anders, who have an interesting motto that you normally wouldn't associate with cakes and cookies..."Creating a healthier you, one bite at a time."

The Springfield Almond Bakery creates healthier baked goods that are gluten-free by using almond butter and flour and non-sweeteners instead of raw sugar. A method inspired not only to create healthier treats, but also to help those with celiac disease, a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and caused by gluten found in wheat, barley and rye.

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"My wife and I decided to start a bakery due to a lay off with my previous job as a security officer, Tim Anders said in a recent interview. "In the late 90's I used to own my own bakery in my hometown of Hillsboro, NH, but that was a regular bakery using flour and sugar.. all the 'not so good stuff. In fact, my nickname as a baker was the 'Hillsboro Doughy Boy."

Recently, while searching for new employment, Tim and Esther decided to start another bakery, however, this time with a new twist. "My wife had the idea of opening an all almond based bakery, simply because there was no one doing this in the Springfield area," Tim said. "I wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but because it was a unique idea for this area, we decided to give it a try."

The Anders' began adjusting their recipes and baking some goods in order to see what kind of response they would get. "I baked some brownies, whoopie pies and chocolate chip cookies, then sat out in an empty parking lot for three days," Tim continued. "However, I only attracted four people to try these new baked goods. But then, I had one person suggest contacting the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, which we did… and got the help we needed."

The Springfield Almond Bakery offers many of the same baked goods that a standard bakery would offer, including the aforementioned brownies and cookies, as well as cakes, pies, breads and muffins. However, what makes Tim and Esther's goods unique is that they are they gluten-free, sugar-free, or created with a very minimal amount of sugar.

"We use almond butter for the brownies for a really creamy texture, and almond flour for most of the products," Tim said. "We also use coconut flour for some of the products and for sweetener we use Blue Agave, which is much healthier than using all kinds of sugar."

While the Anders' indeed started creating these unique goodies for health reasons, it was actually a customer who brought to their attention another appealing aspect of the baked goods-helping those with celiac disease. "One of our customers asked if we were creating our baked goods specifically for people who have celiac disease," Tim added. "I had no clue what it was until my wife and I did some research online.

"Now we really focus on not just a healthier way of eating your baked sweets, but those people who suffer from celiac disease can now enjoy the pleasures of baked goods without the pain of intestinal problems. However, we also need to let people know who are allergic to almonds, that they probably shouldn't indulge in out products."

"Our baked goods are healthier than what you'll get on a shelf in a store or a common bakery. Our research has found that along with almond-based baking, the use of coconut flour also lends to healthier cooking and even weight loss. It is amazing how the coconut can have an impact on various health issues. We encourage everyone to visit the Coconut Research Center Web site at to learn more"

The Springfield Almond Bakery was officially licensed with the state in mid-December and since, have been steadily creating a clientele primarily through word-of-mouth. The Anders are currently baking in their home kitchen, and plan to open a bakery storefront in Springfield within the month.

"In only a months time, we went from sitting in an empty parking lot, to doing free deliveries all over the Springfield area. We also accommodate out-of-town deliveries for a small fee, and already have customers from as far away as South Carolina. When shipping orders out-of-state, we find the least expensive shipping possible to accommodate our customers. We want our customers to be happy and keep coming back, so we can help make them healthier.. one bite at a time."

To learn more about the Springfield Almond Bakery or to place an order for their healthier baked goods, please contact Tim and Esther Andrers at 802.591.2387 or by email at . They also have a new Web site in the works and will be accepting orders online very soon.