Vonda Shepard Solo

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Goldmine Magazine May 2012

Vonda Shepard Solo

If you don't know who Vonda Shepard is… you should, and let this be your introduction. This lovely and talented blonde beauty has over 12 million albums sales to her credit, as well as two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, two Screen Actor's Guild Awards and a Billboard prize for the most television soundtrack albums sold in history for the television series "Ally McBeal."

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Shepard's latest release titled "Solo," features several of her original compositions, as well as a couple cover ballads including "Walk Away Renee" and "You Belong To Me.' Vonda songs showcase the emotion in her piano playing, as well as the pristine clarity in her vocals. The tracks are recorded live in the studio, which creates a natural, organic vibe throughout the proceedings. Most of the original tracks are taken from previous releases, however, now re-recorded as new versions featuring only Vonda's voice and piano.

Produced by Mitchell Froom (Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Crowded House) the original songs "Soothe Me," Lose My Way," Don't Cry Ilene," and "I Know Better" reveal a genuine warmth not only in her playing, but simply the intimate style and atmosphere she creates with her music. Love is thread throughout these songs; lost love, uncertain romance, solitude and personal reflection.

As musical director of the aforementioned Ally McBeal show for five years, Miss Shepard got to work with some diverse talent including Sting, John Bon Jovi, Al Green, Jackson Browne, Al Jarreau, Gladys Knight, Rickie Lee Jones, Indigo Girls, Chubby Checker and Barry Manilow - and it almost seems as if she has the ability to take a little something from each influence in creating her own style.