CD Review: Free Spirit’s "All the Shades of Darkened Light"

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Februaury 27, 2014

CD Review: Free Spirit’s "All the Shades of Darkened Light"

Hailing from Finland and ready to rock your ass off, Free Spirit’s second official release titled All the Shades of Darkened Light is a thick slab of authentic melodic rock; progressive melodies and edgy guitar riffs, bombastic keyboard flourishes, powerful vocals and compelling lyrics all wrapped up into a heavy wall of classic, AOR-style rock. Over time, Free Spirit’s sound has steadily developed into a relative melting pot of influences, fusing classic and melodic rock vibes into their own unique style.

CD cover photo courtesy of Free Spirit

The much anticipated follow up to their debut release, 2009’s Pale Sister of Light, expands upon the band’s huge rock sound and pristine musicianship. Featuring Sami Alho on vocals, Vesa Yli-Maenpaa and Marko Haapamaki on guitars, Sami Hamalainen on bass, Pasi Koivumaki on drums and Timo Alho on keyboards, the new release features 11 original tracks that will surely elevate the band to new heights and further broaden their already growing fan base.

Released to the world on February 28, the first single from the new disc, “Living Tattoo,” followed by the second single “Hysteria,” should each garner plenty of attention across the AOR airwaves. Other tracks include “Carry On,” “Turn On The Night,” “Burning Love,” “Fever” and the disc closing “Storyline,” all weaving a rock-and-roll tale of long and bright summer days, even hotter lights at night and the timeless memories of partying ‘til dawn.

This band has all the ingredients to become a global musical force; memorable songs all chock full of rock-laden hooks, loose and powerful-yet precise instrumentation and a truly captivating stage presence that will grab your rock-and-roll senses and raise them through the roof!

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