Stet Howland and 10,000 Views Comes To Burlington

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Cider Magazine Bellows Falls, Vt. December 2013

Stet Howland and 10,000 Views Comes To Burlington
Stet Howland and 10,000 Views Comes To Burlington

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT. – For those of you who are not familiar with Stet Howland or the band 10,000 Views, Stet was the original drummer of 80’s Vermont rockers Run21, before rising to fame while recording and touring with such legendary metal and rock bands as W.A.S.P., Lita Ford, Blackfoot, Uriah Heep, Killing Machine, The New Kings, Impellitteri and Temple of Brutality… which also featured Megadeath bassist David Elifson.

Photos courtesy of 10,000 Views

Now based in Fort Meyers, Florida, Stet has been drumming for his current band, 10,000 Views since 2010, as the band gets ready to invade Vermont for one show only; Friday Dec. 6 at The Venue in South Burlington with special guests MindTrap. The band will also be performing a show at Luppo's in Providence on Dec. 7

Along with Howland, 10,000 Views is a three-piece band also featuring Timmy Johnston on guitar and vocals and John Hyatt on bass. Johnston launched the band back in 2007 while recording some original songs in the studio, and the current lineup has been together for about a year and a half.

“I had started recording a pile of original songs that I thought were worth spending money on and I started an original act with some local musicians that I liked and could emulate the style that my original songs portrayed,” Timmy Johnston stated in a recent Cider interview.

“After three years with that line-up my drummer decided to go in a different direction, so I reached out to my friend and mentor Stet Howland to see if he was interested in becoming a part of this project… and to my surprise, he was willing to dedicate some time to the band.”

Eventually, the original bass player had also left to pursue other interests and was replaced by John Hyatt. “It was just the right timing for us to acquire John,” Timmy added. “He is an amazingly talented, all around player, producer, writer and a great guy to boot.” The current line-up has now been together for over a year and Stet for two and a half.

“Shortly after my gig with Lita Ford ended, I was contacted by Timmy regarding playing with 10,000 Views,” Stet Howland recently told Cider. “I was already a fan of the band, for they had opened a few shows for my band Where Angels Suffer and I had seen them several times in Fort Myers. They had the best songs of any band in town and I was interested in helping them get their due, well before being approached to join. So when Timmy reached out, the answer was yes!”

So how did this one-off, special show at The Venue in South Burlington come about?

“My friend and concert promoter Wayne Morrison had invited me to play Rock4Xmas 17 in Providence, an annual all-star rock-and-roll benefit concert that I play every year,” Stet said. “This year I really wanted to bring my band and the Providence show left the Friday, December 6 date available.

“So I contacted my old friend Jon Dapo from the band Mindtrap because we did a show last year with his band at the old location of The Venue. We had a great time and it was well attended, so Jon reached out to Kevin at The (new) Venue and a show is born! Burlington is one of my very favorite places to play and I have so many friends in Vermont… I'm extremely pumped for this show!“

10,000 Views recently re-recorded all the original songs (13 tracks) with the new lineup is currently in the mixing stages of a new CD project and the band will be giving the disc full, worldwide support upon its early 2014 release. The band also plans to shop the new package of songs to labels in hopes of securing a record contract.

“Along with our own music, we will also be playing some stuff from bands I played in or were closely associated with,” Stet concluded. “I hope to see all of my old friends there and special thanks to Jon Dapo for making this all happen… and we will see all you rockers at The Venue."

The show is Friday, Dec. 6 at The Venue Nightclub in South Burlington and will feature 10,000 Views, Mindtrap and Killoton on one stage, with Vaporizer, Brave the Verdigo and Abaddon on the second stage. Tickets are $10 at the door and for more information, call the club at 802.338.1057.