A Note From Your New Cider Magazine Editor-In-Chief

Cider Magazine Bellows Falls, Vt. Nov 3, 2013

A Note From Your New Cider Magazine Editor-In-Chief
A Note From Your New Cider Magazine Editor-In-Chief

Greetings to all you Cider Magazine friends and followers stretching across Vermont and New Hampshire! I hope you’re feeling good, because this is a new day – a great day to be alive!

For those of you who don’t know me – Joe Milliken, A.K.A. The Jock Of Rock – (some of you may also know me as the “Night Watchman”) I am a local freelance writer and music journalist, living in Bellows Falls, Vt. with my wife Kelly, son Nate and daughter Erin. Originally from Boston, I have lived in the Southern Vermont and New Hampshire areas since 1978 and my passions (along with my family and friends) are sports, writing and music… and not necessarily in that order!

I have been a contributing writer to Cider Magazine since nearly its inception, still remembering the day I saw the inaugural issue at the store and thought “What is this? Oh – I gotta be a part of this!” So, I contacted the co-publishers Brian and Chris, they welcomed me onboard and I have been proudly writing about the local music and business scenes in every issue since.

As some of you may know by now, Cider Magazine is going through a transition as co-publishers Brian and Chris recently moved out west to pursue new adventures. They seriously considered selling the Cider Magazine brand and completely move away from the operation, however, after much consideration, decided they want to continue being a part of the this unique publication they launched nearly three years ago.

This is where I come in, for the guys wanted to remain as publishers and consultants from a far, while leaving the everyday operation of Cider to someone (I will assume) they have worked with, can trust, and they know cares about the local music and entertainment scene in the same way they do. Truthfully, I am honored that they consider me to be the type of person and music journalist that can carry on and cultivate the Cider traditions they have started.

However, don’t think for a second that I believe this is going to be an easy task and transition, for I am going to need a little time to settle into this new roll, as well as the help of others who also believe in our local music scene and want it to thrive. We need more people going to local shows, which will entice local venues to book more bands and advertise their shows with Cider, which will in turn bring more people to said shows. It is a continuous cycle in which everyone involved will prosper, all in the name of local music.

So, if you are in a local band, love a local band, are affiliated with a local establishment that offers music, or just as importantly, simply love the local music scene as a fan, please send your information, announcements and story ideas to me at or so we can all keep this local music train rolling down the track. I am here to serve, spread the word and very much look forward to what this adventure will bring all of us! After all, music is the universal language… so let’s make it the local language, too!

~ Joe Milliken, Editor-in-Chief, Cider Magazine