Shutter & Boogie Offers Quality Photography and Music For Any Occasion

The Monadnock Shopper News, Keene, NH Sept. 18, 2014

Shutter & Boogie Offers Quality Photography and Music For Any Occasion
Shutter & Boogie Offers Quality Photography and Music For Any Occasion

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Located at 63 Emerald Street in Keene, Shutter & Boogie is a full-service photography and DJ service for all occassions, whether it be a formal or informal setting. Although officially launched in 2008, owner, photographer and DJ Michael Blair has really been perfecting his photography and music-DJ skills going back some 30 years.

Michael initially enjoyed photography as a hobby, photographing animals, landscapes, family events and sports. However, his interest grew into something more once he began taking black and white photography classes in college, just as (the much less expensive) digital photography was beginning to enter the industry. He soon replaced his 35mm equipment with a digital camera and was off and running. It was after becoming the photographer for the New Hampshire Dance Institute that Michael's photography skills were displayed to the public, and he began getting asked if he was available for family photos and weddings.

Along with photgraphy and always having a passion for many genres of music - going all the way back to the days when he would create mixed tapes for dance parties - Micheal was always growing his music collection and his audiences, until it seemed only natural to combine his photography and Djing skills in creating a unique service that allows him to provide his clients with event photography, a Djing service or better yet, both!

“I have been 'formally' in business for the past six years, however, Shutter & Boogie was really founded over 30 years ago,” Michael Blair said in a recent Shopper News interview. “I would DJ school dances and have been photographing various events for many years. Along the way, I was repeatedly being asked to not only photograph performances and functions, but to also DJ dances and events, so I decided to officially create the business.”

Indeed, Michael has a vast music collection of many genres, that certainly caters to people of all ages. From classic rock, modern pop and country, to 50's oldies, classical and Big Band favorites, Shutter & Boogie has the flexibility to provide a perfect playlist of music for any and all occassions. “As for my DJ services, I have always been an audiophile and prior to launching Shutter & Boogie, had already amassed over 20,000 songs.

“Having this extensive music collection of all genres, I started getting requests to DJ a number of different events. Then, when the responses I was receiving after these events were very favorable, I decided at that point, it seemed logical to combine the two disciplines into a single business.”

Over his years of experience, Michael has provided his unique photography and DJ services for such occassions as weddings and receptions, family functions, music concerts, dance performances, school dances and events, senior photos, fund raisers, business parties and sporting events. Also, being conveniently located in Keene, allows Shutter & Boogie to serve several states including New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island.

“I feel what sets Shutter & Boogie apart from others is that having experience in both disciplines allows me to buy a speech of an event much easier for them, while also making a better overall product for the client. Plus, having such diverse musical interests allows me to provide practically any type of music for a client and to ensure they have a fun experience.

“I also feel strongly that the DJ shouldn't 'automatically be onstage' themselves, but allow the event to develop and dictate how much interaction the DJ should have. I can be a front-and-center MC that shows folks the latest dance moves by jumping on the dance floor, or I can settle into the background and let the audience have their own fun. Oh – and I am not one to just sit there during an event and will 'get into' the music just as much as the crowd... which tends to encourage more folks to get up and dance!”

Michael also takes pride in working closely with his client to develop a relationship and truly understand what they are looking for in a photographer and/or DJ. “Too many times I have seen a DJ or photographer try to create their own agenda and make the client follow it. I feel that the event is theirs' to outline and I simply use my expertise to assist them in making the event the best it can be. I do this by guiding them through my suggestions, but not insisting on any one direction.”

To learn more about the photography and DJ services Shutter & Boogie has to offer, call owner Michael Blair at 603.439.2119 or visit online at The Shutter & Boogie office is located at 63 Emerald Street (Suite 419), Keene, New Hampshire 03431.