Reaching Your Soul At SchoolYoga Institute

Cider Magazine Keene, N.H. August, 2013

Reaching Your Soul At SchoolYoga Institute

KEENE, N.H. - For those of us who may not know much, or perhaps anything at all about the benefits of yoga, then this could be an eye-opening article for you… such as it has been for this writer. Admittedly, all I really knew about yoga was that it involved stretching, but I now realize it is indeed, much more than that. It also turns out that the SchoolYoga Institute in Keene is the ideal local entity to begin learning about this ancient, mystical Hindu-derived tradition.

Photo courtesy of SchoolYoga Institute

In essence, SchoolYoga Institute is a well-rounded, resourceful family of yoga teachers and practitioners who have extensively studied and experienced the wonders of yoga. However and just as important, also feel the desire to share their experiences with others like you and I and to simply value the yoga tradition and strive to blend the wisdom into everyday life.

What originally started out as a one-teacher training course a decade ago has now blossomed into something much more. “SchoolYoga Institute began in California on 2002 with just one teacher and one course a year,” co-founder Bryan Russell said. “Since then, we have expanded to 12 countries and offer 20 yoga trainings a year. We now have a team of 15 facilitators that allow us to offer our authentic yoga trainings around the globe, every month of the year.”

Russell’s credentials and experiences are extensive: Assistant Director, MBA, RYT-500, Yoga Sivananda and SchoolYoga Certified, Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Brian has been teaching yoga in the Monadnock Region since 2005, as well as facilitating SchoolYoga Institute “teacher training courses” around the world since 2006.

SchoolYoga Institute offers their unique understanding and practices of not only ancient scriptures such as Yoga Sutras, Vedanta, Bhahavad Gita, Tantric Yoga and Greek Mythology (to only name a few), but also the modern spiritual teachings of the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle and others. The main focus is to share and understand these teachings, but to also help integrate these concepts into our daily lives through health, healing and transformation.

The institute offers both 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs that teach people how to become yoga teachers and how to improve their own lives. “Our life-changing programs are simply for anyone looking for a better life,” Bryan said. “We have over ten years experience in guiding new teacher and we provide an opportunity for self-growth and personal transformation. The format is ideal – blending the weekend format with the immersion format – and getting the benefits of both experiences… it is really a priceless experience.”

Training in New Hampshire, which starts in November and meets once a month through June, has been running strong for over five years and the SchoolYoga Institute now has over 80 graduates in the area. SchoolYoga’s professional curriculum is also registered with Yoga Alliance.

“Our local training attracts students from New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and New York I believe, because our format is very attractive to people with busy lives. We meet one weekend a month for seven months, and then have a five-day retreat in June.”

Therefore, if you are reading this and even remotely interested in yoga - now is the time. “I know many of you have probably been thinking about trying this for years,” Bryan concluded. “No matter where you are in life, no matter if you want to teach or not and no matter how much or little yoga experience you have - this program will provide you with the space to reflect and focus on you and give you the clarity and courage to make positive change in your life.”

Now is the time…
Learn more about The SchoolYoga Institute at or call toll free at 886.964.2123.