Press Release: Cider Mag Announces New Managing Partner, Editor-In-Chief

Bellows Falls, Vt. Nov. 13, 2013

Press Release: Cider Mag Announces New Managing Partner, Editor-In-Chief
Press Release: Cider Mag Announces New Managing Partner, Editor-In-Chief

BELLOWS FALLS, VT. – Brian Joy and Chris Nostrand, co-publishers of Cider Magazine based in Bellows Falls, VT., recently announced the appointment of Joe Milliken as Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of the music and entertainment Web site.

1. Photo of Milliken by Pam Crowley 2. Cider Mag's November cover story

Joy and Nostrand launched Cider Mag in 2010, which reports, supports and promotes all genres of the local music and entertainment scene throughout Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and beyond. Recently, both Joy and Nostrand moved west to pursue other opportunities however, wanted to continue offering Cider Mag to their loyal followers and remain as co-publishers and advisors from afar.

Milliken has been a published freelance writer, editor and music journalist since 2000 and is also currently working on his first book. He has been a staff writer for Cider Mag since its second issue and has been a big supporter of the local music scene for years.

“With myself and Chris stepping away from the everyday business of Cider, it was imperative that we put someone in charge that has the same goals, drive for success and overall love of the local entertainment scene as us,” Brian Joy stated. “Joe has been a dedicated fan, member and journalist on the scene for many years and we are more than confident that we have put the right guy in place. As sad as it was to let go, we know Joe is going to do a great job taking Cider into the future. The fans of this music scene deserve it.”

Milliken will be managing all aspects of Cider Mag from his office in Bellows Falls and has various plans of expansion including the launching of a brand new Cider Web site with expanded feature articles and profiles, new columns and event calendar and plenty of local and national interviews.

“I am extremely excited about this new opportunity and will pour my heart and soul into building upon the plans Brian and Chris launched three years ago, making Cider Mag the go-to outlet for all things local music and entertainment throughout Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and beyond.” All Cider Mag correspondence can be sent to Milliken at .