Terriers Lose A Double-Overtime Dog Fight To Bulldogs

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The Compass Bellows Falls, Vt. Sept. 21, 2011

Terriers Lose A Double-Overtime Dog Fight To Bulldogs
Terriers Lose A Double-Overtime Dog Fight To Bulldogs
Terriers Lose A Double-Overtime Dog Fight To Bulldogs
Terriers Lose A Double-Overtime Dog Fight To Bulldogs

WESTMINSTER, VT.-In a game which had more twists and turns than a Vermont back road, the Bellows Falls Terrier football team recently dropped a tough, double-overtime decision to the Burr & Burton Bulldogs, 35-34 at Hadley Field in Westminster. It was just one of those games where you found yourself thinking, "whoever gets the football last,is going to win this game."

Photos by Joe Milliken 1. BF quarterback Jeremy Kilburn fires a pass 2. Terrier wide out Will Bourne catches an OT touchdown to give the Terriers the lead 3. BF running back Bruce Wells fights for more yards 4. Terrier senior Cooper Long follows his lead block.

The twists and turns started from the get-go,after Burr & Burton successfully recovered two, on-side kicks to start the game. They also managed to turn both recoveries into scores, including touchdown passes from quarterback Jake Stalcup to wide receivers Jake Oliver and Eamon Walsh, producing a 14-0 lead before the Terrier offense could even touched the ball.

However, Bellows Falls never gave up - andperhaps spurred on by some chippy play on the field - staged a big comeback. They tied the score at 14 after a 24-yard touchdown pass from Jeremy Kilburn to Trevor Wilson and a 1-yard TD run from Bruce Wells early in the second quarter. But the Bulldogs would get the lead back just before halftime,after Stalcup threw another touchdown pass to Oliver to make it 21-14 at the break.

In the third quarter, the Bulldogs were driving down the field for another score, but Terrier senior Joe Aslin picked off a pass which set the Terriers up for a drive of their own. But it stalled as they fumbled inside the Bulldog 10-yard line but on the ensuing play, BF's Tyler Francoeur tackled running back Max Johnson in the end zone for a safety and now a 21-16 deficit.

On the next drive and after a big, 60-yard run from Wells, the Terriers would score again with just over three minutes left in the third quarter on a pass from Kilburn to Bourne, giving BF their first lead at 22-21 heading into the final quarter. But this one was far from over.

After Burr & Burton missed on a 17-yard field goal try early in the fourth quarter Bellows Falls again, drove down the field and scored the go-ahead touchdown on a Wells 3-yard run to make it 28-21. With just under two minutes left on the clock, Burr & Burton coach Jason Thomas ordered the defense to intentionally let BF score, as to leave a little time on the clock and one more chance to come back.

The move worked like a charm, as the Bulldogs proceeded to drive 64 yards in just over a minute, capped off by a touchdown connection from Stalcup and Oliver with just two seconds left on the clock. After the extra-point, the game was tied at 28 and headed into overtime.

The Terriers were first to set up at the 10-yard line, but fumbled on the first play of OT, giving the Bulldogs offense a shot to win it. But the Terrier defense came through, as junior Mike LeBeau managed to block a 34-yard field goal attempt and keep his team alive.

In the second overtime the Terriers broke through again, when senior running back Cooper Long rolled right after taking a hand off, then threw a touchdown pass to Bourne(just before getting blasted by a Bulldog defender)for a 34-28 lead. However, because BF has had problems with extra-point snaps, elected to try for a two-point conversion whichfailed.

"We just haven't had enough consistency with the snap on extra-points," BF coach Lockerby would say after the game."So we just felt better about going for the two-point conversion."

However, a crack in the door had been left open for the Bulldogs. On a third down and six, Stalcup hooked up with Oliver for the third time in the game, just getting his foot down in the back of the end-zone to tie it up again. All they needed was the extra-point, and the Terriers couldn't block this one, as the Bulldogs pulled out the 35-34 victory.

"This was a tough loss, but I really love these kids," Lockerby concluded. "They are out-sized and out-manned for three straight weeks, but they fight their butts off and never give up. Lockerby's team has moved up to Division II, after taking the Division III title last season.

"There were a lot of highs and lows in this one. We gave them two touchdowns right off the bat, but we responded and came back. I told them at halftime to just play Bellows Falls football and they did, so that is something I am proud of… I think the players are too. The Terriers are now 0-3, but will try to get in the win column on Friday night as they visit Mount Anthony, who is also winless. Photos from this game will soon be available on my sports photo web site at www.jemsportsimages.com