Vermont Food Writer, Author Visits Local Bookstore

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Champlain Business Journal Burlington, Vt. January, 2011

Vermont Food Writer, Author Visits Local Bookstore

BRANDON, VT - Local food writer and cookbook author Andrea Chesman, author of the
soon-to-be-released cookbook Recipes From The Root Cellar: 270 Fresh
Ways To Enjoy Winter Vegetables
, recently presented her latest work at
the Briggs Carriage Bookstore in Brandon.

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Residing in Ripton, Vermont Chesman has authored or co-authored multiple cookbooks and has written articles for such publications as Cooking Light,Edible Green Mountain and Vegetarian." I am really excited about my newest book Recipes from the Root Cellar... my previous book was a cookbook that followed the gardening season," Chesman said in a recent interview.

"And when I finished the fall/winter season and had enough recipes to complete the book, I realized I still had lots of ideas for all the winter vegetables - the hearty greens, root vegetables, potatoes and winter squash. So I decided to write another cookbook just focusing on those vegetables."

Andrea has mostly featured vegetable recipes in her cookbooks, although her previous collaboration with author Fran Raboff featured desserts titled 250 Country Desserts, which was an update and expanded version of Mom’s Best Desserts. The collection contains many favorite home desserts including varieties of cookies, brownies, layer cakes, pies, old-fashioned fruit desserts, ice cream and more.

Other cookbooks Chesman has published include The New Vegetarian Grill, an updated and expanded version of an earlier book about vegetarian grilling, as well as seasonal cooking with Serving Up the Harvest and The Classic Zucchini, roasting vegetables with The Roasted Vegetable and healthy eating with 366 Delicious Ways to Cook Rice, Beans and Grains.

Chesman's other dessert books include Mom’s Best Desserts, Mom’s Best One-Dish Suppers and Mom’s Best Crowd Pleasers, and she is currently working on a book about preserving, which will include some favorite recipes from the out-of-print Summer in a Jar and the soon-to-be out-of-print Pickles and Relishes.

"I have been visiting a lot of different book stores, food stores, and kitchen stores to spread to introduce people to my book," Chesman concluded. " At Briggs I'll be cooking a couple of dishes. Generally when people can taste my food, they are more likely to buy the book."